In my last post I said I would hand in my old jeans at the Nudie store. They’d be used for patching and repair, and I’d get a 20% off on my new pair.

That’s not how it went.

I went to the store with exactly this course of action in mind. It was just before closing time, work had kept me in the office longer than I had anticipated.

I went in, tried on a few pairs of jeans, and found the one I wanted. With that sorted, I pulled the old pair out of my backpack and asked the shop assistant:

“These are probably beyond repair, right?”

Letting go is hard

I won’t deny that there was a tinge of melancholy in my voice. He turned around, and pointed toward a rack where about two dozen used jeans were hanging. One of those was mostly held together by patches and sewing thread.

He pointed at the pair and said “you know, you can take this game pretty far.”

So I handed him my old jeans for repair. I’ll pick them up in a couple of weeks. He also took 10% off the price of the new pair.

I walked out a very happy customer.